A Problematic Christmas Love

When billionaire CEO of Ros Industries, Daemon Ros feels his wife, Megan slipping away after a catastrophic loss, he surprises her with a magical two-week Christmas family vacation, hoping to get things back on track.

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Attorney, Megan Ros would rather spend Christmas at home, in Switzerland, alone. When her husband invites her entire family from the US to spend an enchanting Christmas with them, the shocking surprise quickly turns problematic when she discovers that he’s been keeping secrets from her, causing a world of problems between them…Worse yet, she’ll have to confront those problems in the presence of her unsuspecting family.

As pasts resurface, threats declared, and illicit pursuits enter their lives, facing their problems together could prove the only way for them and their family to make it out alive, and for the two to find their way back to each other.

A Problematic Christmas Love is a follow-up novella to Rebecca Rohman’s romantic suspense novel, A Problematic Love. If you enjoy romantic suspense, stunning locales, a little Christmas magic and you’re looking for an intense afternoon read that will transport you to another universe, then this novella is for you.


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You Are In For A Doozy With This One!

This book will give you everything. It will also make you feel like your chest is being ripped apart with the emotions of this story. We know these characters and we love them to pieces. When we read a book we never want anything bad to happen to them. This Christmas novel is about testing the boundaries of the love and bond between two people. It will be a survival of sorts as well. Read the complete review here...

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The Epilogue Was PERFECT! I Loved This Book!

The imagery Rebecca writes had me visualizing the beautiful scenery as they traveled through Switzerland. I wanted to see the Matterhorn and visit the picturesque towns with them. But there was also danger and suspense along the way. Read the complete review here...

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It Was A Perpetual Winter Wonderland With The Gorgeous Landscapes Rohman Painted!

I love when a book can transport me into the world I am reading. And that is exactly what Rebecca Rohman did with A Problematic Christmas Love. It was emotional, dramatic, and suspenseful and I was hooked from the heart-wrenching opening. Read the complete review here...

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A Problematic Christmas Love Is A Quick But Powerful Read!

This is the kind of book that will have you so immersed that you can't help but get emotionally involved with each character in one way or another. Some will have you hating them while others will have you in tears sympathizing and/or empathizing with them (depending on how you relate to their story). Read the complete review here...

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Amazing, Wonderful, Outstanding, Magnificent, These Words Don’t Do It Justice They Need More. MUST READ!

This story is amazing, The attention to detail really blew my mind, I loved how it made me feel like I was there in the story with everyone. I was hit by an emotional train during the story, that was one ride I wasn't expecting but it kept me turning the pages and wanting more and more. Read The complete review here...

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A Problematic Christmas Love is book #8 in the Love On The Pacific Shores Series and is the follow-up novella to the romantic suspense novel, A Problematic Love. Read more…