A Problematic Love

Eight years after her fiancé was murdered, attorney Megan Kole has fully reconciled two areas of her life: her intelligent son, who never knew his father, and the thriving law practice that is her late father’s legacy. The remainder of Megan’s world stalled in a paralyzing grief that she effectively compartmentalized until a transfer to Seattle brings a handsome, mysterious billionaire into her life.
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Daemon Ros has been an outcast since the day he was born. His parents’ lavish but emotionally-vacant lifestyle prompted him to assert his financial independence at a young age. His ailing brother is the only connection he allows to penetrate the vault he has built around his heart, until a devoted mom and her precocious son introduce him to the true meaning of family bonds.

But a chance legal encounter where Megan acts as mediator in a Ros family business dispute leads to far more than either expected. When a shocking truth leads to a love affair between Megan and Daemon that is forbidden in every conceivable way, the barely-restrained chemistry that scorches between them threatens an injunction on everything and everyone they hold dear. As pasts cross, memories threaten, and lies surface in a trial far more deadly than anything inside a courtroom, an arbitration of the heart could prove the only way for them both to make it out alive.


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Six Stars!

It's not often that an author comes along that writes stories so beautifully, you know you'll love it no matter what it's about. That's Rebecca for me. Her books aren't just words on paper. They are works of art that you can visualize page after nail-biting page. She combines the perfect amount of romance and suspense, intrigue, and sensuality. And it's not in one or two chapters. It's start to finish. Read the complete review here...

Two Sassy Chicks
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I Loved The Twists And Turns And Every Emotion That I Felt From The First Page To The Very End!

A Problematic Love is a story that has it all - action, drama, mystery, adventure, loss, love, and some of the best sex scenes that I have EVER read. Ms. Rohman's writing is pure genius. I was hooked from the very first page, and I felt like I was in the story with her characters. I felt EVERY emotion that they did, and experienced every disaster and joy right along with them. Read the complete review here...

Goodreads Reviewer

Rebecca Rohman Is An Author More People Need To Know About!

I loved it! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Rebecca Rohman is an author more people need to know about and read. Her books are always amazing; they never disappoint. I like Rebecca’s books for a lot of reasons. Her stories are always so unique and unlike others I have read before. Yes, they are romance, but they are so much more. They have well-developed plots with a lot of creativity. And they are always well written. Read the complete review here...

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It leaves No Stone Unturned In Its Pursuit Of Absolute Excellence!

The story had everything bar the kitchen sink. It had love, hate, and attitude. It had pain and laughter, it left me both smiling and crying in equal measure and all the while leaving me breathless with the depth of its story and the precision with which that story was delivered. A book of immeasurable depth by an author that has what I can only describe as an immeasurable talent. Read the complete review here...

Books Laid Bare
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An Exceedingly Phenomenal And Stunning Book That’s Full Of Intrigue, Corruption, Mystery, Sorrow, Love, and Hope.

Rebecca Rohman has a brilliant way of telling a story that captures your soul. She grabs you from the start and won't let you go until the very end. With this book you will love, cry, scream, and smile. However, be sure to grab a box of tissues before you start because Rebecca will rip your heart out, but don't worry, she'll put it back together and you'll be happy about it. Read the complete review here...

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Love On The Pacific Shores Series

A Problematic Love  is book #3 in Rebecca Rohman’s Love On The Pacific Shores Series.  A Problematic Christmas Love is a follow-up novella to A Problematic Love. Read more…