An Unrelenting Love

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When Min-jae Kang, Ros Industries’ Chief Security Officer, and Maya McLean, Event Producer at Bleu Resorts International, agree to exclusively see each other, one person in Seattle will do everything within their power to sabotage their relationship and break them up. But despite their best efforts, though effective at times, none of their schemes seem to work at permanently keeping them apart.

As things get more serious between the two, so are the threats to destroy their unrelenting love. What neither anticipates is that their relationship will lead to a catastrophic end.

An Unrelenting Love culminates the end of Min-jae and Maya’s story initially featured in Rebecca Rohman’s romantic suspense novel, An Inopportune Love. If you’re looking for an intriguing and suspenseful afternoon read, then this is the right book for you.


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What A Great Story!

An Unrelenting Love is Rebecca Rohman at her finest. This story is full of suspense, intrigue, drama, and twists. As with all of Rebecca’s books, An Unrelenting Love is a real page-turner that kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. Min-jae and Maya are such well-developed characters and I loved them. The ending has a wow factor and it was great!


It Was Like Watching Something Happen In Slow-Motion

It was like watching something happen in slow-motion; you know what is going to happen and you know who the villain is, but the build-up to get there was simply gripping. I was on edge as Min-jae and Maya embark on their new life together while being plagued at every turn. I loved that we visit with the previous Love on The Pacific Shores families ~ while you don't have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, it is truly worth it because Rebecca Rohman writes some specular characters with suspense woven throughout.


Another Brilliant Story In Rebecca Rohman’s “Love on the Pacific Shores” Series

Another brilliant story in Rebecca Rohman's "Love on the Pacific Shores" series, this is a standalone novel but I would urge reading the series in sequence to get the most enjoyment. This isn't a blossoming love story, the love is already there, this isn't a "whodunit" because you know almost from the start who the perpetrator is, this is a psychological thriller, not knowing how an unsound mind works or how far it will go to attain its goal. I love the wonderful characters that she has created, I love how Min-Jae tries his hardest to help Kelly, I love how Maya loves and supports him despite everything, I love Min-Jae's parents and the love and support that they give to both of them I love the beautiful picture that the author paints of Korea, its places and its history, a well deserved five stars.


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Love On The Pacific Shores Series

An Unrelenting Love is book #10 in the Love On The Pacific Shores Series and culminates the end of Min-jae and Maya’s story initially featured in Rebecca Rohman’s romantic suspense novel, An Inopportune Love. Read more…