Facets Of Love Series

Dive deep into the captivating saga of Rob, a tenacious FBI Agent, and Gia, immersed in the dazzling world of jewelry design. Their paths converge in an unconventional twist of fate when Gia becomes embroiled in the murder investigation of Rob’s closest confidant.

Amidst the tumult of suspicion and intrigue, a magnetic romance blooms against all odds. Yet, beneath the surface of their burgeoning love lies a tempest of fundamental differences poised to shatter not only their fragile bond but also their very existence. Together, they must confront these formidable challenges head-on, navigating a treacherous landscape where trust is scarce and danger lurks at every turn.

As their entwined destinies unfold, The Facets Of Love Series unfolds a spellbinding narrative of passion, betrayal, and resilience. Join Rob and Gia on a heart-pounding journey where the stakes are high, the risks are real, and the power of love may be their only salvation.


Falling For His Subject

EBook $3.99

Signed Paperback $15.00 + S&H


In the opulent corridors of Washington DC’s elite, FBI Agent Robert Hunter is propelled into a relentless quest for justice after losing his closest ally in a chilling murder at a luxurious hotel. Determined to unravel the truth, he crosses paths with Gia French, unsuspecting and thrust into the heart of a homicide investigation during a fateful business trip from Milan.


As circumstances weave their lives together in unexpected ways, Rob’s resolve to avenge his friend’s death is eclipsed by an unforeseen emotion: love. Meanwhile, Gia’s once-stable world crumbles, prompting her to question everything she thought she knew.


Trapped in a web of deceit and danger, Gia must navigate treacherous waters with no one to trust except Robert—a man driven both by a hidden agenda and an undeniable attraction. Will he prove to be her salvation in a world where betrayal lurks at every turn, or is he merely a pawn in a vengeful game that threatens to consume them both?


From the shadows of mistrust to the fiery depths of passion, Falling For His Subject (previously titled Translating The Tides) immerses readers in a gripping tale of suspense, romance, and the perilous pursuit of truth. Prepare to be spellbound as Robert and Gia’s journey unfolds, each twist and turn propelling them closer to a revelation that could either seal their fate or set them free.

Fighting For His Subject

EBook $2.99

Signed Paperback $10.00 + S&H


Step into the high-stakes world of Robert and Gia Hunter, where dreams collide with danger in the vibrant city of Miami. After years of relentless dedication, their vision of success is finally within reach with the launch of a prestigious family law office and a luxury jewelry store. But what begins as the pinnacle of their aspirations swiftly unravels into a chilling ordeal as they find themselves targeted by an unknown adversary.

As external threats loom ominously, the couple faces an internal crisis that threatens to tear their marriage apart. Gia grapples with a moral dilemma posed by her imprisoned father, sparking heated disagreements that test the very foundation of their relationship.


Amidst the chaos, Robert and Gia must navigate treacherous waters where loyalty and betrayal blur, and danger lurks at every turn. Will they stand together against the forces conspiring to unravel their dreams, or will their divergent paths lead them irreparably astray?


Prepare to be captivated by a tale of resilience, intrigue, and unyielding love, where every choice carries profound consequences and every moment pulses with suspense. Discover if Robert and Gia can defy the odds and forge a future amidst the chaos, or if their bond will succumb to the pressures threatening to tear them asunder.

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