An Inopportune Love

An Inopportune Love by Rebecca Rohman
EBook $3.99 | Signed Paperback $15.00 + S&H

After Maya McLean’s marriage and life unexpectedly end in the UK, she’s about to start over in her homeland of Saint Lucia when one disaster after the next derails her plans. By chance, she ends up spending the holidays with close family and friends in Switzerland where she has a nasty encounter with fellow guest, Min-jae Kang.

Min-jae Kang is the Chief Security Officer of the international conglomerate, Ros Industries. He’s dedicated his life to his job and protecting others. When he winds up with his boss and family for Christmas, he has a spirited exchange with the feisty Maya McLean. Surprisingly, he finds himself intrigued and attracted to her. Problem—she’s not necessarily available.


When a short stint takes Maya to Min-jae’s home city of Seattle, Min-jae has to deal with the fact that he’s falling in love with a woman who has just been through the most traumatic experience in her life, whose time there is limited, and a woman who may not be able to reciprocate what he feels. To make matters worse, Maya’s presence causes him one of the largest security predicaments he has ever personally faced in his lifetime.


While Maya struggles to leave her past behind and look ahead to her future, trusting and opening her heart to another man—Min-jae Kang might be the only way for her to live to see the next chapter in her life…

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5 Stars!

The storyline was beautifully written with characters that were created with such great detail and depth that as the pages were turned, Maya and Min-Jae kept me totally captivated as each page was turned until the very end!

Goodreads Reviewer

I Found The Writing Engaging And Was Struck By How Thoughtful And Deliberately The Characters Were Developed!

A friend recommended this author to me knowing that I am not usually one to read romance novels.  This was clearly a well-researched book, with scenes switching countries and circumstances seamlessly, whist still giving a visceral experience of different environments. The plot was also not predictable! Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I was surprised at what actually unfolded. If you value insightful and nuanced characters, whilst also getting the thrill of a good romance novel, this is a book for you.

Goodreads Reviewer

There Is Something About Rebecca Rohman’s Writing That Just Sucks Me In And Doesn’t Let Me Go!

An Inopportune Love is no exception. From the first page, I was invested and had to know what would happen next. Talk about a whirlwind. From the UK to Seattle and St. Lucia and back again, Maya and Min-jae's romance was layered with suspense, drama, and steam. And that ending...what?!?? Read the complete review here...

Goodreads Reviewer

Another 5-Star Read From Rebecca Rohman!

I adore this author and have read all of her books, this new one gives you the same suspense, love, and roller coaster of emotions but with a very different twist and the ending will leave you shocked! Read the complete review here...

Amazon Kindle Reviewer

Rebecca Rohman Is Becoming The Queen Of Romantic Suspense!

It’s another great story and I loved the developing relationship between Maya and Min-jae, who’s become my new romance hero. Read the complete review here...

Goodreads Reviewer

EBook $3.99 | Signed Paperback $15.00 + S&H

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Love On The Pacific Shores Series

An Inopportune Love  is book #9 in Rebecca Rohman’s Love On The Pacific Shores Series. The next book in this series is due to be released this coming winter. 

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