Love On San Juan Island

When Robin Rae discovers that her husband, Dorian, has been dishonest with her for months, their Labor Day weekend on Washington State’s San Juan Island turns into a complete disaster instead of a special and pleasurable one.

Pilot, Captain Dorian Rae had his reasons for being untruthful with his wife, but when he realizes the damage it’s caused in their marriage, he’ll stop at nothing to redeem himself, fix their relationship, and regain his wife’s trust.

However, it may be a lot more arduous than he thought…

When someone with an agenda tries to sabotage his efforts, figuring out who has a vendetta against him and why might need to be his priority. Otherwise, he might not have a relationship, wife, or family left to salvage by the time their reign of terror comes to an end…

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Love On San Juan Island is book #11 in the Love On The Pacific Shores Series and the follow-up novella to Robin and Dorian’s story from Love On High Steel Bridge. Read more…